Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Rehearsal

My brother Rog and I had a good rehearsal today. I wasn't feeling well before he got here, but as we got underway, I started feeling better. We worked through 21 songs, most of which were originals, but we did some covers too.

Here's a list of what we went over:

Watching Her Eyes*
Standin' Alone*
Living For You*
It's Not Love*
Carolina Moon*
Paint Me a Birmingham
Famous Last Words*
What Might Have Been*
Seeing's Believing*
Something I Remember*
Early Train*
I See September*
If You Walk Away*
Broken Angel*
You Wreck Me
Last Day On Earth*
Dead Flowers
Your Song

Twenty one songs gone over today. That makes today the best rehearsal this year so far.

* Yale Bros originals either penned by me or Rog


myrtle beached whale said...

How do you keep Roger focused long enough to rehearse 21 songs?

Chris said...

It aint easy. His phone is always ringing.