Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sean McGaughey, a wonderful Canadian songwriter and host of the For The Sake Of The Song podcast interviewed me last night for his show. We had a great conversation.
We talked about songwriting, the state of the music industry, and new media. I guess we have known each other about six months via the web, but this was the first time we actually spoke to one another ear to ear. Sean has got quite a few episodes ready to go, so it will be a little while before he posts my interview. I can't wait to hear his Trout Fishing In America episode. I have liked those guys for quite some time. Check him out. He's got a great show, and he is an excellent songwriter, and it goes without saying that he is a really nice guy.


Christine of Epiphany said...

I really like that cd cover design~ glad to hear you're making a few (radio)waves! :D

Chris said...

Thanks, Christine. Coming from an artist that means a lot. The guys from the Design Studio ran with that one. I thought they did a fine job myself.

I'll let you know when Sean posts the show, if you are interested in hearing it.