Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Random Thoughts

I live in Myrtle Beach which is primarily a resort town, but it is growing at an incredibly rapid rate. Things have changed here tremendously during the last decade or so. We are on the cusp of another summer season which really begins with the spring bike rally which is just about to get underway. I can't tell you how I see these things roll in and out and I use them as chronological landmarks, marking my one and only time on this planet and the lost years they represent. When I say lost I mean spent for good. There are no do-overs. Now is all we have.

What we really lack here is a thriving musical community. There are some incredibly talented folks here but there is no urgency that I see. There is no unifying principle, and you damn sure can't manufacture a scene. Perhaps it's just a matter of time. Perhaps not.

Hats off to the Homegrown local music show on The Sound 107.1 for at least showcasing some of the original unsigned material that is out there. They have been totally supportive of local artists and I must commend them. While visiting Myrtle Beach, why not tune in to the Sound 101.7 in general and the Homegrown Show Sunday evenings from 8-9PM.

My twin brother Roger is coming to town this week, and we are discussing a musical endeavor, as well as his upcoming move to MB! Look out!

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