Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day

Rainy morning. I'm smoking a Rocky Patel Churchill 1992 vintage. Good smoke. Maybe a bit early for a medium-bodied cigar, but hey, it's Labor Day and I'm chilling out this morning. How's this for obscure? I'm listening to Flesh For Lulu's CD Big Fun City/Blue Sisters Swing. This is circa 1986. British postpunk I suppose. They Had a release on Capitol about 1987 called Long Live The New Flesh which I liked better. I liked it enough to buy this CD. I forget where I found this. Probably Aron's in Hollywood. Plastic Fantastic was enjoyable as well.

I miss living in Hollywood. I miss it a lot. I'd like to win the Lotto and move into the Hollywood Hills. Also, a condo in Nashville would be cool, since I'm dreaming.

Looking forward to a writing appointment I have with a guy named Chris Yale today...

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Rick said...

From California to Myrtle Beach? I am now in SF,CA been to MB 1,000 times.

Nice finding your blog.