Thursday, September 09, 2004

Have Drumsticks, Will Travel

Well. I got some drumsticks. I have been practicing in my head for weeks. It's time to take this thing to the next level. I'm ready to book some time at Ed's Studio (Ed Dennis. Atlantic Spoke Recording), and give this idea of mine a whirl. I have decided to do my own drum tracking. That means blowing some dust and rust off and hunkering down to ROCK the kit. I haven't dome any drum recording or even drumming for lots of years, but I know I've still got it! At least I hope I do. Ed's got a kit already pretty well miked up and ready to record, so, with a few tweaks we should be on our way. I'm getting ahead of myself. I will require a few practice sessions behind the kit to build up stamina, chops, etc. I'll do that first. Then we roll ,er, tape. Well, not tape. Actually nothing rolls anymore. I mean to say I'll fire up my hard drive on my trusty Yamaha AW2816 and we'll take it from there. To say I'm not a bit nervous would be a lie, but I'll be allright. Hey. This is my gig! No worries. This should be a lot of fun. God help me, what have I got myself into!

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