Monday, September 20, 2004


I'm reading Ian Whitcomb's 1983 book Rock Odyssey. Interesting stuff. I love the descriptions of Hollywood in the 1960's. Wow. Seedy even then, but my kind of town. I miss the smells of the blooming trees and plants wafting through the air on a smog free day. Hell, I almost miss the smog. Almost.
I played drums on one of Ian's albums just before the book was released. Fun times. Has it really been that long? Somebody slap me!

It’s an absolutely beautiful pre-fall day. The sun is shining, there is a pleasant breeze and it’s cool outside. The sky is opening up for me as it always does this time of year. This is arguably my favorite time of year.

Music’s moving along. I am preparing to record the first four drum tracks for my cd project.

I am pretty well set on the following four to do first:

Famous Last Words

Something I Remember

A Different Light

What Might Have Been

And, if time permits, I’ll squeeze in



Christine said...

You have a song entitled "Go", too?

That was actually first on my list to hit, next, but you'll get to your Go before I get to mine! Good luck!

I like "Castaway", so far.

Christine said...

No, wait! I changed my mind! I like "What might have been" best!