Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thoughts From A Viewing

The mother of a friend of mine died on March 19. She was a lovely lady and I was quite fond of her. I went to her viewing last night and I began to think of the nature of things, knowing that one day I would be the one being laid to rest.

These were a few of my thoughts…

Don’t be so identified with present form that you forget what your true nature is. You are spirit. Go beyond language into deep knowing which words cannot express. It is impossible to put the infinite into words. Once we try to conceptualize the eternal nature we lose touch with it. The answer only comes when we’re not trying.

These forms are dynamic. All that we see will crumble. Energy remains but does not sustain structures perpetually. Energy is a creative force. It seems restless.

Always remember that there is more to life than what we can taste, touch, smell, hear and see. That life that pulses through us and programmed our brains to beat our hearts has no beginning and no end. Honor that life force in the stillness without words, and without thought. Peace, be still….


Roger Yale said...

Sobering, indeed, Chris. Sometimes all of my inane silliness gets put in check with something like what you wrote.

But silliness is good, in a way, because laughter is good, while we can still laugh.

And love is good, too. I love you.

Well written, Chris - but I know you probably don't need kudos on that!

Chris said...

Thanks, man.