Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Aggravation Into Energy

I have a couple of cats. They wake up about the same time every day and bug the shit out of me every morning. My wife wakes up earlier than I have been, and is usually the one that feeds them. I have decided to change things up in this new year. Instead of cussing at them and turning over and trying to go back to sleep, I have been arising when they stir and start their groundhog day-like each and every morning routine, feeding them, and going about the business of starting the day. I write each morning and enjoy some quiet, reflective time. This gets me out of bed earlier, and gives me more time to get the day going in a relaxed and poised manner. So, instead of getting pissed (angry, not drunk), I thank them for reminding me it's time to wake up and spend some time alone with my thoughts and to connect with the Great Spirit. So far, so good. Everybody's happy. Especially my wife. All this time I thought she liked getting up. I think she enjoys sleeping in just a bit better.

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