Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beyond Our Means

"Our government has lived beyond its means for decades. We now
face a crucial juncture, at which we determine whether to continue down
the path of debt, inflation, and government intervention or choose to
return to the economics of the free market, which have been ignored for
almost a century. Increased debt leads to higher taxes on future
generations, while increased inflation diminishes the purchasing power
of American families and destroys the dollar. No society has ever
achieved prosperity through indebtedness or inflation, and the United
States is no exception. We cannot afford to continue our current
policies of monetary expansion and unending bailouts. Unless we return
to sound monetary policy, sharply reduce government expenditures, and
realize that the government cannot act as a lender of last resort, we
will drive our economy to ruin."
Ron Paul

"Wake up, people!"
Diet Pepsi Max.

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James said...

I love the wisdom of Ron Paul, but perhaps the funniest part of the entire post is your signature "wake up, people" Diet Pepsi MAXX

I heartily agree though, we do need to WAKE up, not just to the fact that our conservative principles have gone out the window lately, but that our manners have too. Why is it that the democrats ran the clean campaign while McCain ran the smear campaign? As conservatives, especially as conservatives who purport to be Christians, being polite and courteous should be a natural part of your philosophy.

Chris said...

Nicely said, James. Glad you liked the Maxx thing. It seemed appropriate.