Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Niche Expression"

Everything has changed. The way we shop has obviously changed. The way we entertain ourselves and interact with others has changed. We no longer have to be slaves of what the big machine dictates. We don't need to put up with whatever "next big thing" they choose to spoon-feed, shove down our throats, or otherwise foist upon us.

In his enlightening and highly recommended book, Buying In, author Rob walker has this to say:

"The mass market - indeed, massness itself - is dead. No longer must we accept the stultifying, homogenized monoculture of decades past, as niche expression is made available to us at last. Companies must, as more than one guru has put it, provide personalization."

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1 comment:

Roger Yale said...

I have something I'd like to foist on you, and it can be personalized...

... no, you're right. There is nothing new under the sun - and the next best and biggest has already come and gone...

People who incessantly chase after the "new thing" are doomed to a life of strife and, ultimately, crushing mediocrity.

Rise above, son - rise above.