Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fight On!

It's official. Katie has chosen The University of Southern California for her College career. As soon as we walked in to the campus I could tell it was special.The school spirit was off the charts, and I know Katie likes that a lot. We toured the entire place. The student who was walking us through was really nice and helpful, which was cool. We sat in on a sample lecture on neuroscience, which was fascinating. The professor who was doing the lecture was extremely gifted, and he knew how to keep us interested. I was also happy to know that the classes are not super large. That was one of my concerns, but that is not the case. I am not a huge sports fan, but their little football team is supposed to be pretty good as well! It should prove to be a wonderful life experience for Katie. It's ironic that she is going to L.A., as it is where I grew up. Another benefit of Katie going there is that I get to visit quite a bit. Next up is the orientation sometime this summer. Away we go in to a new phase of life. I am happy for Katie, as well as a bit nervous about this big change. L.A. is a long way away, but she seems excited about going, and I am happy for her and excited for her as well.

The only problem is, being here in South Carolina, I have to be constantly telling people that the USC I am referring to is the other one. The real one (I kid, Gamecock fans). That should be fun.

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CONGRATS, I know you must be proud!

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