Saturday, April 05, 2008

Market Common Corporate Nightmare

Betsy and I went down to the new Market Common yesterday afternoon. It's a new corporate nightmare in town, with shopping, dining and living all pre manufactured and artificially created down at the old airbase. We had a look around and quickly left. There is no reason whatsoever to return. I have seen enough. It's the same kind of bullshit that most cities have. Like the Grove in Hollywood, or the Santa Monica Promenade. Or the Faneuil Hall marketplace in Boston. That kind of phony corporate shopping environment that turns my stomach. Inorganic. Forced. A tourist trap. A marginal Yuppie paradise. Like a commercial biosphere of materialistic poison. I shall not return. I just saw Into The Wild last night. I have had many moments of questioning just like Chris did in that movie. He was more messed up than I am, and I used to eat acid like candy!

I guess I'm just in search of the real thing. Where is authenticity?


Andre said...

I am reading Into the Wild right now. What a great book.

I understand your pain with the Market Commons. Traffic nightmare aside I think it will take away from the only place in myrtle Beach to have green space. I think the lakes and the nature trails are great in that area and now I will have to deal with all of the the crap. Kinda sucks, but I guess its what the elitist wants.

Paul said...
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Paul said...

Dude. You copying my blog?? ;o)

Christine of Epiphany said...

I know what you mean~