Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good Rehearsal

I just wrapped up a great rehearsal with my keyboard playing, ivory tickling maniac brother. We cruised through about eight of my tunes, and went over some spots that needed work. We are also working out some vocal harmonies. We are going to head out on Friday and play a few numbers over at Croissants. They have a great open mic over there. It's a nice place to try some stuff out in front of a very receptive crowd. This will be the first time Rog and I have played together in a while. I think it's high time we get out and about, and coming from a recluse like me that's saying something. I am perfectly content to shut myself up in my room and read or play the guitar or record or what have you, but that's not exactly healthy, now is it?


Paul said...

That's about 2 minutes from my house. We'll be there dude!

Chris said...

Thanks Paul. I don't know for sure what time we'll play, but I hope to see you there.