Friday, December 21, 2007


It's raining here this morning. I love the sound of the rain. I enjoy a rainy day. It makes me introspective and hopeful for some reason. It brings out my creativity. It's the kind of day that I would like to spend writing, reading, or recording. I have to go to work today, so I guess that's not going to happen. It will probably be a bit slow this morning at the store.

Tomorrow night my brother's band, Sick Stooges, is having a Christmas bash at a club called the Venue. I am going to play a short set in support of new album, Well Enough Alone. My brother Roger will be kind enough to back me up on keyboards, so technically the Yale Brothers are playing. My brother is doing double duty, because Sick Stooges are playing as well. I don't play cover tunes (I have, but I choose not to as a rule anymore), and they are a classic rock act, so there should be a nice mix of music going on. Folky, country-rock from me, and classic rock from them.

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