Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lappy Issues

I have been having issues with my Compaq laptop, but I think I might have resolved them. If for some reason I am incorrect I think I shall reinstall XP, wipe this baby clean, and start from scratch. I want a Mac, but I am fond of this little machine and I think the money should be better spent towards Katie’s education if the truth were told. If this machine stays stable, I am perfectly content to live with it for as long as it is serving its purpose. I am completely grateful for the service this little machine has given me. I want to upgrade only if absolutely necessary. Also, my car is in need of repair as well, so I think I need to be prudent and as frugal as possible here. It has been a learning experience anyway. I dig the adventure and the learning.

Right now I am updating iTunes. I am going to make it. I truly have my life on this machine.

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