Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rainy Night Thoughts On Exercise

It's a stormy night as I write this. Thunder is booming and rolling. and the rain pattering on my bedroom window. This region is badly in need of rain, so I don't care if it was the first day I decided to get back on my bike and start riding to work again! Despite the scattered storms today, I somehow managed to escape getting rained on, which was a minor miracle. It feels good to get the blood circulating again, and resuming some sort of exercise program. The benefits to body, mind and spirit are known to everyone. I have been so lazy about this area of my life, but every time I do something about it, positive results in terms of energy, vitality, and clearer thinking and well-being always manifest themselves.

I am grateful that I am healthy enough and actually able to get off my butt and bust a move.


Christine of Epiphany said...

Wow! I totally admire you for biking to work when it might rain on you! A British friend of mine takes a bicycle to work, in any weather, and I'm still rather aghast at that. Such fortitude! But I bet there's some serious raingear going on...!

Chris said...

Yeah! I wish I had the stiff upper lip fortitude of my British ancestors!

Chris said...

Or, I wish I had a rainsuit!