Wednesday, October 31, 2007

365 Posts

This post marks my 365th post on this blog. It has taken me three years to get here. There have been lots of dry places and lack of communications. Procrastination, waffling and vacillation. I have been even worse on my Podcasting track record. As much as I love these activities I have a tendency to either get lazy or second-guess myself into thinking that what I had to say wasn't worth saying at that time or ever. The sound of my babbling is frequently intolerable to my own ears. But striving to stay current is not without its blessings. A clean slate, for starters, and the fact that the decks are clear opens the way for a fresher creative mindset. Of course I am speaking for myself.

1 comment:

Christine of Epiphany said...

Gee~ happy 365th!
I believe I benefit from your blog's 'babblings', as you call them!