Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Afternoon

It's Friday afternoon. I'm home and blogging while sitting at the kitchen table and looking out the patio doors. It's really hot and humid outside, but it's nice. I am listening to Dave Slusher's Evil Genius Chronicles podcast. I love Dave. You should check him out.

I am looking forward to a nice weekend. Time to relax, and to do some music work. I need to get some mixes done. I have two songs left to mix for my CD project. Everything seems to be coming together nicely.

Tonight is Graduation at Myrtle Beach High School. Next year will be Katie's turn. Tonight she is there as a Junior Marshal. The kid amazes me. She's got a serious brain. Must run in the family!

Betsy and I have gotten in to the habit of renting a movie on Fridays. I don't know what we'll be seeing tonight, but I'll let you know tomorrow.

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