Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Chime-In

It is a beautiful Saturday morning. Betsy and I are getting ready to go to work. It's pretty much the last day of the Bike Rally. People start heading out tomorrow. It's been a busy week. We're all looking forward to taking a chill pill.

I finally saw Dead Man's Chest last night. My niece lent me the DVD. I am now caught up in the series so I can watch the new one when it comes out. I found the saga quite entertaining. Afterwards, I watched Real Time with Bill Maher. I like him, but it's the same old crap. I'm sick to death about hearing of this stupid war. We have made a real mess of things over there. I'm still trying to understand why we are in Iraq in the first place (Oil? To clean up daddy George H.W's little unfinished business from the early Nineties?). I am convinced that the actions in Iraq have little, if anything to do with terrorism. As usual, it's all about the money.

It's the Junior Prom tonight. Katie and her friends are excited. Hopefully I'll get to post some pics before too long, as I'm sure everyone will be looking lovely.

Talk to you later....

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