Friday, May 04, 2007

Chris Yale Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5 is live! Click HERE.


Dave Slusher


Tinder Box

Rivertown Arts and Jazz Festival

Rocky Patel Cigars

Randall Bramblett

Spring Bike Rally


Raymond Scheurer

Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery

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dave said...

Hey buddy i just took a listen to the most recent edition of the Podcast. nicely done.

Did you ever make it up to the Jazz Fest in Conway? Lisa and I spent the afternoon there. In the past it's been really good. But this year I'm not so sure. I mean it's a jazz fest right. I love Jazz and blues. I feel that what I got was some what of good ol southern rock. Nothing against rock (love that too) but I wanted a good quartet or some ol blind guy playing slide guitar and singing about his sorrows. Here ends the rant haha.

p.s. what's a guy got to do to get an invite to the Davidoff event???