Friday, April 27, 2007

Boston - Day Two

Today we went to Boston University. We took a walking tour of some of the Campus. It was rainy and cold. Bob Saget and his daughter were in our group, which I found quite random. I don’t think anyone recognized him except Katie and me. It was so rainy and hectic that Betsy didn't really notice him until Katie mentioned it. This was the second time I bumped in to the guy. The first time was back when I was working for Capitol Records in Hollywood. I guess he was setting something up for some sort of practical joke for a show, and he was using either our building, or the parking lot for his prank. It's funny how life is.

After that we ate lunch at a little Irish Pub called the Black Rose. We did some shopping at the Quincy Market. It was fun. My legs are sore from what walking we did. That tells me how much I need to get in shape. After we rested up back at the Hotel, we walked down Commonwealth Avenue to a nice Thai place called Bamboo. Then we ambled back up to the room and now we are chilling out. We were thinking of going over to Harvard for fun tomorrow, but I think we have decided against that in favor of sticking around here and doing a little relaxing. Newbury is the name of the area that we are going to explore tomorrow. We have to be at the airport by five, so our time is a bit pinched, as we have opted to ride the trains instead of renting a car.

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