Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boston - Day One

The girls and I made it safely to Boston, thank God. We went on a tour of Boston College. I have to say it's a beautiful and exciting school. Tomorrow we are going to check out Boston University. The schools seem to have very distinct vibes. We'll know more of course after tomorrow. So far, this has been a very positive experience. Time permitting, we plan on doing a bit of sightseeing. I want to poke around in some historical stuff, and we'll walk around downtown. My daughter Katie has saved up a bit of cash and wants to do some shopping. I'll have some pictures up in a few days. Right now we're beat, so I'm going to say goodnight.

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Christine of Epiphany said...

I know a girl who just graduated from Boston U. She really liked it, up there.
Safe trip, friend~