Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sick Saturday

I've caught a horrible cold. I have been spending the day recuperating, reading, listening to some podcasts, and sleeping. It's funny how the body lets you know what it needs. Yuck. I'm over this already. The upside is that I get to catch up on some media consumption.

I saw a fantastic movie last night with Betsy. It's called The Illusionist. I highly recommend it. It's quite a unique film in my opinion. It got me. Tonight we're going to see Hollywoodland.

I just found out that Brad Delp, the amazing-voiced singer for Boston, was found dead in his home yesterday afternoon. R.I.P. Brad.


Christine said...

Thanks for the recommendation~ hope you're feeling better soon!

Try extra Vitamin C~
I take it to keep from getting sick so often, and as long as I keep taking it, things are better. If I skip it for a few weeks, I'm bound to get whatever is passing around!
But it really does seem to help the body fight off illnesses.
Love to the girls~

Chris said...

I've doubled up on the C, and even taken some airbourne. It's Thursday and I'm back to myself again. Thanks for the comment, Christine. I will certainly tell the girls you send your love.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better, man!

Chris said...

Thanks, Anonymous! I am indeed feeling better!