Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday Night

I'm hanging around the house this evening, sorting through some papers. It's amazing how quickly things accumulate. If you don't get a handle on the clutter quickly, it has a way of taking over. I have a paper trail that you wouldn't believe. In this age of technology I still enjoy my notebooks and pens, although I think for me a subtle shift has occured. I probably write on the laptop more than I do on paper anymore. It's a matter of convenience I guess. I wouldn't mind going paperless, but something inside me recoils at that prospect. For now I'll continue to balance the two.


Christine said...

Yeah, I feel that pull to balance the two worlds, too.~

Christine said...

By the way, I'm lovin' the music bar at the top of your blog!~

Chris said...

Glad you like the music bar Christine. The player posts anything I have up on
I'll be putting more stuff up soon.

Roger Yale said...

Now I know why I should have looked at the Weblog.

Those Hollywood shots almost made me pine away for home, but God knows I would have lost another rental car!

Cool stuff!

Chris said...

See? Told ya! When are you starting a blog Mr. Newspaper boy? Get with it!