Saturday, January 06, 2007

Journal Re-Copy and Pics 12-27-06

We went to the Beachwood Café for breakfast and then we went up in to the Hollywood Hills to drive around. We stopped by my dad’s grave. We then went to Pasadena to look around old town, but it started raining, so we ended up at the Glendale Galleria. The girls shopped all afternoon. For dinner we went to a wonderful Thai Barbeque place off of Western Avenue. We stayed home this evening and watched a cool movie called Shine. It was pretty good.

We are looking at a week left in our stay here. I would like to maximize the rest of the visit, but I have to understand that this trip is really for Katie and Brittany. Betsy and I are on the same page on this.

I got this cool little USB powered gooseneck lamp for the laptop today. It illuminates the keyboard in dark rooms so the lights don’t have to be on.

I think I have a bit of jet lag. I’m inordinately tired, but we have been on the go all day every day.

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