Saturday, January 06, 2007

Journal Re-Copy and Pics 12-26-06


We had a very busy day today. We started out at the Grove/Farmer’s market. The girls went shopping and we had a snack there. I also had a chance to check out the Apple Store. We then moved down Beverly Blvd en route to Kitson on Robertson, when we realized Jim had picked up a screw in one of his tires. We were very close to the Beverly Center so we took the car to a tire store just up the road and walked to the mall. The girls had time to scour one floor of the mall while the tire was getting repaired. I went in to the Apple Store there as well. When the car was ready, we proceeded to Kitson, passing a place called the Ivy on the way. As the girls were shopping I strolled up to the Ivy and got a picture of Keanu Reeves getting into a black Porsche. There were tons of paparazzi lurking about, and when I saw them getting rousted I got my camera out. The shot’s a bit fuzzy, but I got it nevertheless.

We went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was a long wait, but because of the long wait, we got most of our check comped. That was a nice plus. Apparently they were doing some training and the place was in disarray. The staff was nice though. They were slated to tear down the entire block that the restaurant is on, but because the building is a historic building, they were exempted from demolition and their lease was renewed for another two years. That’s good to know because I have always loved the place and I was afraid this was to be the last time I would have dined there. When I was growing up and later as a young adult I enjoyed many lovely dinners there.

More fun tomorrow.

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