Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tropical Storm Warning

I am up a little early today, and I like it very much. I went to bed around ten last night. It works for me. I like the quiet. It gives me time to leisurely get ready for my day. I am listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. I am learning how to live today. Learning to live in day-tight compartments, as Sir William Osler said.I have a dentist appointment this morning. Just a cleaning. There is a tropical storm warning out all day today all along the coasts of North and South Carolina. I like the way the sky looks. We shouldn't see any heavy rains until later this afternoon.


Christine said...

I take it you're not worried. That's good.

Chris said...

No, Christine,
I'm not worried at all. Just a lot of rain. We are not expected to have any hurricane force winds in our area, thank God.