Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tubing Accident

Katie had a tubing accident down in Charleston yesterday afternoon. She and her friend Grace were thrown into an oyster bed and cut themselves up pretty badly. We went down and got Katie out of the hospital ER in Mount Pleasant. Katie has a couple of big lacerations and is not allowed to go into the sun for six months, so her scarring will be diminished. Oyster cuts are bad cuts. They are jagged. Her outdoor summer activities are pretty much shot as far as beach or swimming or tanning are concerned. The girls had to have a resident plastic surgeon come in to fix them up. Katie’s friend Grace has the worst injuries. She has some pretty bad tendon damage in her shoulder and had to stay in the hospital for surgery. It turned out worse than they thought for her as when she went in to surgery, the doctor found shell fragments and tendon damage and had to do a lot of work on her. She is a dancer and as it turns out she will not be able to do any dancing all season so she will be able to heal.

Both of these two wonderful young ladies are beautiful. It could have been a whole lot worse. They could have had their faces severely damaged or shredded. The Lord spared them, if you ask me. Don't get me wrong. It was a horrible thing for them. They had just gotten down there that day and had lots of cool activities planned with Grace's aunt and uncle. It was to ba a five day affair. That was not to be.

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Christine said...

Wow! As I was reading this, I was seeing it the way you are at the end~ it could've been so much worse, though it was bad.