Friday, July 14, 2006

Tonight's Gig

The gig tonight was cool. The first set had a couple of low points, the second set was good, but the third set really rocked! The crowd was great. We tried out a few new covers tonight. Mr. Jones by Counting Crowes went well. So did Take It On The Run by REO Speedwagon. I like that one. Creep by Radiohead went over well. Of course the original music is what I'm about, but playing some fun covers is, well, fun. Rog says I should enjoy them more. Me, I dig the original shit, with respect to the other shit.

BTW, I've been delving deep into Dylan. As always.

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By Bob Dylan
Release date: By 01 June, 2004

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Christine said...

I wish I had a copy of his Hard Rain video they show a bit of on the Beatles Anthology. It seemed like a very interesting video, surprising to me in its look of rural simplicity. It looked like they'd filmed it in an old farmhouse somewhere!

Dylan ees unt genius!