Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Mayor Of The Sunset Strip

I just got through watching The Mayor of Sunset Strip. The film is about Rodney Bingenheimer, one of the most importand DJ's on the planet. He has been influential in the careers of many of rock's most famous people. He has hung with everyone, and has seen it all. Yet he is a quiet, private person. Very humble. The epitome of cool. When I was growing up in Hollywood, the man was everywhere. Whenever I was at a concert or any cool happening in town I almost invariably ran into him. There was a local Denny's that has since been demolished in the heart of Hollywood (Sunset and Fuller) which was nicknamed Rock and Roll Denny's because it was the late-night hang of choice for creative types, rockers, wierdos, and various Hollywood miscreants when the clubs and bars shut down. There was nothing like it. It was the scene for me of many wonderful, crazy times. You could run into anyone there.

I must say I am missing my old stomping grounds very much. Despite the weirdness of it all it was home. In my heart it always will be.

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Christine said...

Not to pry, Chris, but I'm gettin a vibe here that you have some heavy work going on inside.
Seems like you're in a state living through some great spots and some bad things, depressions.

But it could be that I'm just reading my own recent experiences into your posts.