Thursday, June 08, 2006

Billy Preston

I just found out that Billy Preston has died. He was a wonderful musician and a very nice guy. I had the pleasure of working in the studio with him once. I was doing some drumming on some demo tracks and A guy walks in with a keyboard under his arm. It was Billy. I was watching this from the tracking room through the glass. I saw him set up in the control room as I was finishing up my tracking. I hung around for a while to meet him and to hear him play a bit. The man was absolutely incredible, and so unassuming and cool.

God bless you Billy Preston.


Christine said...

Wow, that's bad.
I saw Billy on the Beatles Anthology, the clips where they showed him working in the studio with them, and that's all it took for me.
I saw a good heart, a great talent (maybe I'm just easily impressed, but when he didn't even have to look at the keyboard at all to play it, geeee), and have admired him ever since.

Chris said...

Yeah Christine, he seemed like a gentle soul.