Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Morning

I love the morning. Things are always new. The promise of a brand new day is before us. Saturday morning is nice, because Betsy and I only work a half day at the store, and we can actually get out and enjoy the afternoon together. Katie slept over at her friend Brittany's house as they were going to House Of Blues for the O.A.R. concert last night, so Betsy and I just hung out last night. We saw Pulp Fiction. I never saw that film all the way through before. I enjoyed it. I think it was very well done. Is there any movie that Steve Buscemi isn't in? He seems to pop up everywhere. He was the Buddy Holly waiter at Jack Rabbit Slim's. He's been in every movie we've seen lately, like Fargo, and The Big Lebowski. Not to mention The Sopranos. Guy's got a good career.

Have a great Weekend.

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Christine said...

Saturday morning was beautiful here, too. Absolutely gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing your experiences. They're always a treat.