Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bike Week

I have been quite busy due to bike week down here. I am in a vendor tent (Zippo) at the main Harley dealer in town. Now through the end of the week should be the busiest time. It's loud, but colorful. I like bikes, but after a while they all seem to blend in and bleed in to one. In such numbers they lose their individuality. There are many cool sights to see, and many I wish I could get out of my head! Such is the wonder/horror of the spring rally.

If I didn't have my iTunes on party shuffle, I would go completely bonkers sitting there for ten hours. Not to worry; I've got about six thousand songs on my pc to keep me occupado!

1 comment:

Christine said...

You're funny!

I could think of worse places to be than beachy area in May (unless it rains. Hard.).....but I understand about it all blending together and getting boring just sitting there babysitting a vendor tent.

Have fun, go mad!