Friday, April 07, 2006

Baffling Love

It may be hard sometimes depending on circumstance to actually praise and thank God for everything he allows, but praise definitely has a way to take the focus off of ourselves and on to Him. If we can only raise our eyes to Him. Shift the focus and, hard as it may seem, the scene will change. It will be bathed in a different light. I imagine things are very different from God's perspective, but yet He Himself is fully acquanted with grief. Amazing that God condescended to take on human flesh. The human experiment indeed. To see through human eyes and feel with a human heart. To have that very heart broken. And yet that was not the main motivation. He knew it had to be that way for the sake of His beloved humanity. The cross beckoned, and its shadow reached back to the manger, and forward, to the resurrection and the redemption of creation.

He remains to me as compelling as He is baffling. Help my unbelief.


Christine said...

Thank you for this.
Always good to see you on the blogsphere...

Chris said...

Thanks Christine.