Thursday, March 16, 2006


God is robed in majesty, yet we take Him so for granted. We think we know all about Him, but I dare say we hardly know Him at all. He is so beyond the scope of our thinking; our attention span spans cannot encompass His complexities. Yet there is also the danger of over-intellectualizing and thinking ourselves out of faith as well. Dichotomy? You bet! God is so above our human reasoning that some write Him off as unknowable. We who believe understand that that is not the case, but we tend to become too familiar, too smug. Even so, we abide. But if God were to manifest even the smallest portion of His glory we would be undone. We have cute little pigeonholes for everything we cannot understand. To admit that we doubt is not sin. We have become so conscious of our own sins and shortcomings that we are blinded to grace and the opportunity to walk in authenticity. God gives us immeasurably more freedom than we allow ourselves. The freedom to be human. That is, after all, what we are..

I've said this somewhere before but it bears repeating; To run God through the filter of our understanding is to look at a large object up close with our noses pressed against it, not realizing that it is a whole lot different if we would just step back and try to take it all in.

Sometimes the answer only comes when we're not trying. But sometimes it does.

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Christine said...

I agree, Chris, it's hard to take in the reality of God, because of the sheer BIGness involved!