Tuesday, March 14, 2006

God's Answers

A new morning's meditation
Stillness breeds contemplation
* * *
Sometime's God's answers are not what you'd expect. Occasionally they are downright baffling. Don't let that shake your trust in Him. Move on ahead. He knows the end from the beginning; you don't have to. Just trust. And obey. And move into realms of glory only hinted at. Jesus will prove to be all you ever really needed. All you could ever hope to desire is in His character, in His person. Mercy at the heart of justice.

Christ inhabits the very edges of the universe. He wraps the folds around Himself and yet cannot be contained. Motivated by endless love, He has as long as mankind has existed been wooing us and calling us to Himself. He bids us, come. I forgot who said it but, He bids us come and die. Get out of God's way and let Him make a symphony of your life.

A symphony
A dance of love
A tapestry
of vivid life-colors
A wondrous miracle
of restoration
and regeneration
and grace

1 comment:

Christine said...

"Get out of God's way and let Him make a symphony of your life."

Thank you!