Saturday, October 01, 2005

Happy New Month

4:53 AM
I am up very early with the girls. Katie has got a swim meet in Columbia today and Betsy is making biscuits and gravy. I’m up for moral support and, of course, to sample some of the biscuits and gravy! It's awesome this time of day, but usually I see it at the end of a day, not a beginning, but I'm probably going to take a little lie down before I go to work at ten. Right now, though, is a perfect opportunity to read the Bible and commune with the One who wraps light around Himself as a garment, and who , despite our imperfections, wraps us in a blanket of grace every moment, and speaks love into our hearts.

God is amazingly proactive regarding our redemption, which makes a ragamuffin like me leap for joy. There is absolutely nothing I can do to deserve this great love, and that in itself is quite a liberating truth!


Kelly said...

That is a TOTALLY liberating truth! I used to work so hard for his love; it's unbelievably nice now to just rest in it, knowing he knows what a putz I am and loves me unabashedly anyway. I like your imagery of him wrapping light around himself as a garment.

If there were grits and sausage gravy involved, I'd be over to your house for breakfast in a flash. Although Scott's making french toast, which comes in a close second. Have a great day!

Christine said...

Biscuits and gravy- aaaah, homecooking, Southern style!
Now, you need to make sure you "sop up" the gravy with the biscuit....

You're going into good places, Chris~ keep sharing as long as you can with us!

Christine said...

Chris~ I'm starting to miss you!! Where are you? I need you to pop up now and then in my bloggyworld.