Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good Morning

It is almost indescribably beautiful here this morning. About seventy degrees and clear as a bell. I like the way the air feels on days like this. It's like the sky is more expansive. I am energized. I am also grateful to God for such a fantastic morning. Mornings are among the litany of things I usually take for granted. Not today. Not anymore. Betsy and her Dad are off to Charlotte today, so I'll be working alone this morning (Betsy and I usually work together at the store). This time of year it's pretty quiet in the retail gig. I wouldn't wish a solo stint on anyone in the summer! Yeah, this time of year you have your regular customers and friends popping in. Nothing I can't handle. On a good day. When I am feeling anti-social, I don't want to know anybody. But I'm a good actor. I always have been. I really need to get a handle on things from an interior standpoint, because sometimes I am my worst enemy. Well, about all the time I guess.

Today is a good day.


Christine said...

Appreciations for showing us your mind's workings, Chris! It's always good to see a new post on your blog.

I liked how this entry showed the beauty and the battle of life.

Chris said...

Thanks Christine.