Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Up Early

I was up early for no particular reason, so I stayed up. I read the Bible a bit and wrote in my journal. I like everything about the early morning except dragging my lazy butt out of bed. Once I'm up it's all cool. I liked the experience so much, I may repeat it again real soon!

Betsy and I have decided to hold off on moving into a new house and just tough it out in our townhouse for the time being. We put a lot of thought into moving, and actually had paperwork drawn up for construction to begin soon, but it is not to be. I have concluded that doing so would plunge us into a huge financial black hole, even though it would be a good investment. I could see myself going ballistic when the first power bill comes in or anything unexpected comes up. This townhouse is paid for and it just makes more sense to stay put, even though we are a little tight on space. There is just the three of us, and in a couple years Katie will be going to college, so I'm thinking stay put and sock as much dinero away for her as possible. Lord knows she's going to need it.

A mortgage is something I really don't want to be tied down to. I sure don't miss one at all.

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