Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rainy Sunday Evening

What started out as a sunny day has become a rainy afternoon and evening. Betsy and I walked her parent's dogs just now because they are up in Charlotte at the Panthers/Patriots game. I don't follow football, I just like the sound of a game on TV in the fall, especially around Thanksgiving. Don't ask me why, I just dig the ambience.

There was a little let up in the weather and off we went. We had a nice walk around their neighborhood. It was quite relaxing. I wouldn't have minded walking in the rain. It clears my head to walk. Perhaps I should make a habit out of it. It recharges the mental brownies.


Christine said...

"mental brownies"- how chic!
It finally rained last night, here! It's still raining this morning.
I love rain. I don't mind walking in it, but I've got a lot of neighbors, and I don't want to worry them- walking in the rain, yeah, that might worry them! :D

Chris said...

So let them worry Christine. It'll give 'em something tyo do!

I have to give credit for the Mental Brownies thing to I believe Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote somewhere about sleeping on a problem and letting the mental brownies solve it.

Kelly said...

November is not complete without football ambiance. Which is what I was always satisfied with, until last year I asked my husband to explain the finer points of the game, and I got hooked. KIND of hooked, anyway.

HAHA - I just read your response to Christine's comment. I was going to totally laugh about RLS saying anything about mental brownies, until I read further and realized he was talking about the gnomey kind. That's hilarious.

Sorry for being so chatty in your comments section... =o)