Tuesday, May 24, 2005


This year's bike rally was purported to be the biggest and best for Myrtle Beach yet. My day gig as a tobacconist for the Tinder Box put me in the thick of things this year. We worked in tandem with Zippo and had a tent set up over at Club Kryptonite next to the Orange County Choppers set-up. It was quite chaotic but quite frankly it was a lot of fun. The bikers are always way cool to deal with and we had the Zippo Car next to the tent which is always an attraction. I did it again. I've got a hankering for a bike again! Also Acid Cigars had a very successful promo event at the store. They had a bike sent down for display (see pic below). The Macanudo bus was here at the store last wednesday which was a hit as well. Thanks to everyone who helped put it all together. I think we all deserve a nap!

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