Monday, April 25, 2005


This is interesting. Click on the title link. Oh man. I think all you cigar smokers are exempt unless you inhale compulsively like a fiend, in which case you are abusing the leaf and not in it for the flavor. This may just be anti-smoking propaganda, or it may be the case. Decide for yourselves you enjoy a smoke or not. Or, just smoke pot (or nothing) and avoid this tobacco bullshit entirely. And brood about it! Besides, I'd rather get in a car with a stoner driving (if I must) Than a lush behind the wheel anytime. Actually, I would piss test anyone before I say, Baby You Can Drive My Car. Beep beep m beep beep hell yeah! Me? I'm only sleeping, but I'll take a chain-smoking London cabbie to a drunken friend in any scenario. If they are one in the same....get outta tha cab!
Besides, I'll take a Chateau Fuente over a Marlboro Light (or Bud Light or anything light) any day!

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