Saturday, April 23, 2005

Got Tix!

I got tickets to the Dylan/Nelson show! I was going to get them online but there was, of course, a problem with the server. I took a chance and drove down to the box office and to my surprise I walked right up to a cashier window just like that! They had already worked the crowd down by 10:30! amazing. I had visions of a restless yet excited sea of humanity in front of me but not so.

Boy am I stoked. I have seen Dylan once before at the Greek Theatre in Hollywood. I was right up front and though I was pleased to be there the show was lackluster. It seemed Mr. Dylan didn't want to be there. Hey, I can dig it, but c'mon Bob, show a little enthusiasm. From what I understand the fire's back, as evidenced in his new Book Chronicles vol 1. He seems to be excited again and I truly hope that's the case.

I've never had the pleasure of seeing Willie before and I have missed him the few times he has played in the area.

These are two icons of mine and I'm thrilled.

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