Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I did massive work on Famous Last Words today. I put a nice electric part on that includes a little solo. It works nicely. I added tambourine and what I thought would be guide vocals and harmonies. The more I hear them the more I think they might be keepers. The song is really rocking now, and it’s close to being done. I do have room for some keys. I’d like Rog (my brother) to play on this and a couple more songs so we’ll have to see. Momentum is really gaining steam now and I’m ready to do some more quality work tomorrow on another tune. I’ll let the music decide where to start. I imagine it’ll be either guitar or bass work tomorrow. Let’s get these songs fleshed out. It’s amazing how the songs take on lives of their own at an indiscernible moment in time. The magic moment when it all comes to fruition.

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