Saturday, December 11, 2004

Grade School Friends

I got back in touch with two of my schoolmates from grade school. I got a call out of the blue from Ramon Arronte who was one of my best friends that I had lost touch with over the years., and one of the first guys my brother and I we're going to form a band with. We're talkin 1977! Turns out he's still musically active which does my heart good.
Maria (Alex) Falcon, another schoolmate actually found me online, and gave Ray my info. I owe her a phone call. I got a very nice email from her. Sounds like they are doing very well. This is so cool. I've got to plan a trip to Miami to see them, and other old pals I might be able to dig up. Well, not dig up, but dig. Dig? I'm still trying to find Matt Ross. I think he lives in Miami Beach, but as yet I've been unsuccessful in trying to locate him. He's the other guy that was gonna be in the band.
Through Ray, I got my friend Lisa Hernandez 's email. We have been in touch a bit . She came up with her mother to my nephew Tim's wedding last year in Isle of Palms.
WOW! Old home week. Indeed!


Christine said...

This is great news, Chris! Here's hoping it works really well!

Anonymous said...

This is Ray Arronte in response to Chris Yale's Blog entry. It has been too long my friend! We have way hella catching up to do. I finally spoke to your nefarious cohort Plotr Piotsky (Roger)and we yakked for a while but he had visitors and I had to get to a friend's gig up in Ft. La-dee-da so I'm sure we'll pick up where we left off. It was absolutely killer talking with you guys and I await the next reunion whenever that may be. Hell, I may even have to drag out my collection of Dethlok comics for Roger to drool on! lolol!!!

Until Mrs. Dix gnashes her teeth at us once again...



Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, Alex here. Guess what???? I got in touch with Matt. Hopefully you will be hearing from him soon. At this rate our next reunion should be quite the shindig! Hope to hear from you soon!

What a Great Day!!!