Wednesday, November 10, 2004


My mom, Lois, is visiting us for a few weeks. She hasn't been in Myrtle Beach for about a year or so and it's nice to have her around. She lives in Galax, VA, which is a teeny town nestled near the blue ridge parkway in south west Virgina, about a couple hours north of Charlotte, NC. My mom moved to Galax about four years ago with my sister Maria and her husband Jack, when they retired and headed for the hills. They have a fifty-acre farm in a valley all to themselves. It's quiet there. Really, really quiet. Until I get up there with my pistols and enjoy some target shooting. I don't kill things, but would if I had to I guess. I'd much rather leave that to the professionals. Most unpleasant, that is. I almost go veggie thinking about it. Notice I said almost.

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