Friday, October 15, 2004

The Show

The show rocked. Charlie Quintana is now drumming for them and if I'm not mistaken he played with The Cruzados way back in the day. Apparently he has played with Dylan as well. Good going man. Hey Charlie, I can do anything you can behind that kit!

The show was on the one year anniversary of Cash's death, and the band opened with a great rendition of Ring Of Fire. Also they covered Haggard's "Making Believe" which was totally awesome. I've always adored that song. The two friends that were with me were unaware that that was Merle's tune. I guess they thought Mike Ness pennd it, which he very well could have, talented as he is.

My twin brother Roger reminds me that we saw them in Hollywood twenty-something years ago. I didn't remember at the time, but now it's come back to me. Must've been high! I do recall it now. It was at a run down 1940's ballroom with some other punk acts. Fear was on the bill as well. Boy. Rog remembers everything.

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