Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Old Bandmates

Strange day today. I saw my old friend and bass player Rex Polk today. He is in town for about a week or so with his girlfriend Stephanie. It was nice catching up. He liked my new songs. Strangely enough as I was driving him to the auto shop ( his transmission is kaput) I spotted Terry Rochester, our old drummer, across form the shop. Small world. We chatted for a bit and that was a nice surprise. He was unaware that One of our songs was aired on the local music show. I got his girlfriend Jeanette's cell number. Man, that cat is hard to get in touch with.

After that, Rex and I headed to Ed Dennis' studio to catch up. Ed was our guitar player in Early Train. Felt like a little renunion. It was cool seeing everyone. We had some good times, but playing covers is really not my scene. I spoke to Ed about laying down some drum tracks at his place, which he seemed okay about. I figure after about two or three practice sessions to blow some rust off of myself, I should be more than ready to rock on the drums.
Once again I am in motion. It's a good feeling.

BTW I finally got my car battery. I'm good to go. God has blessed me so much.

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